Poll: Voters in Texas’ 12th District Want an America First Republican

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Poll: Voters in Texas’ 12th District Want an America First Republican

O’Shea: “Only the America First Movement Can Save Our Nation from Decline”

[Fort Worth, Texas] — An internal poll conducted for John O’Shea for Congress finds a majority of 2024 Republican primary voters—55.4%, to include 82.9% of Hispanics—identify with America First Republicanism juxtaposed to less than a quarter who identify with Traditional Republicanism. The poll also finds former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over his closest rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for the nomination, 51.5% to 20.4%, respectively.

“Only the America First Movement can save our nation from decline, and I fully support its undisputed leader President Trump,” Republican candidate John O’Shea said in response. “The results are clear: voters in Texas’ 12th District want an America First Republican to represent them.”

“I am their only real choice.”

America First Republicanism Dominates Key Demographics

Likely Republican primary voters of every educational background identify more with American First Republicanism than Traditional Republicanism, as do more than 8 in 10 Hispanics.

“America First is clearly the future not only in the 12th District, but statewide and around the country,” BIG DATA POLL Director Rich Baris said in a statement. “Everywhere we speak to Republican voters, ‘MAGA’ is more diverse and more dynamic.”

“So-called ‘Traditional Republicanism’ competes only among voters ages 75 and over.”

President Trump Dominates Primary Ballot

Likely Republican primary voters of every educational background in Texas’ 12th District are supporting President Trump for the nomination. However, support ranges significantly from Trump +61 among voters with a high school degree or less to Trump +1.1 among voters with an advanced or postgraduate degree.

“Presently, Republican primary voters strongly support President Trump in Texas’ 12th District,” Director Baris added. “His endorsement of John O’Shea would not only effectively end the congressional primary, but it would ensure the former president secures a strong advocate in this critical primary state.”

BIG DATA POLL conducted a mixed-mode survey from May 20 – May 22 interviewing 556 Eligible and Likely 2024 Republican Primary Voters. The survey was sponsored by John O’Shea for Congress. Results are weighted for gender, age, race, education and likelihood to vote.

“Kay Granger represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Establishment,” Mr. O’Shea added. “We need leadership that will unflinchingly enter the fight to save the greatest nation in the history of the world.”

“Neither President Trump nor America First Republicans started this fight, but we’re on the brink of losing this nation and better finish it for the sake of future generation.”