Attorney General Ken Paxton Endorses John O’Shea for Texas 12

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Attorney General Ken Paxton Endorses John O’Shea for Texas 12

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Erica Knight

July 21, 2023 —John O’Shea, Republican candidate for Texas’ 12th Congressional District is proud to receive the endorsement of Attorney General Ken Paxton. Ken Paxton announced today that he is supporting John O’Shea for Texas 12th Congressional District.

“It is an honor to support John O’Shea for Texas’s 12th. John is a friend who I have found to be a dedicated husband and father who will put family, faith, and country first,” said Paxton.

“I extend my sincerest thanks to Attorney General Paxton for his heartfelt endorsement of my campaign. Ken has stood true to his values and fought for the great state of Texas time and time again. I am grateful for his endorsement.” said O’Shea

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About John O’Shea

John C. O’Shea is an America First businessman from Fort Worth, Texas who is outraged at the abuse of our God given rights by the very government sworn to protect them and decided to do something about it. Not wanting to see his fellow brothers and sisters oppressed by authoritarian government overreach and not willing to leave this version of American to his kids and grandkids, he has decided to give up his ownership as a citizen to serve as an elected leader in Congress in Texas’ 12th Congressional District.