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John O’Shea: Paxton’s Impeachment Trial Persecution of America First – Newsmax

America recently witnessed Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis’ unique use of the Peachtree State’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to try and take down Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, along with 18 other unfortunate co-defendants.

Their outrageous crimes ranged from a phone call demanding an accurate count of all legal, valid votes in the 2020 election to providing legal representation of the then sitting president.

Never mind that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had not scrubbed the state’s voter rolls in several years due to a secret consent decree with another “election denier,” Stacey Abrams, leading to over 340,000 people ineligible to vote still listed.

Never mind the fact that evidence indicates approximately 35,000 Georgians voted illegally.

Never mind the fact that video footage emerged of people running ballots through tabulation machines at the State Farm Arena after the facility had already been closed for the evening due to “flooding.”

Nor stop to consider that the district attorney’s office is so behind in its work that the Fulton County Jail is overcrowded with pretrial detainees prompting a Department of Justice (DOJ) inquiry.

No, the issue most top of mind to Dist. Atty. Willis is that clearly Donald Trump had organized a criminal cabal with the express purpose of stealing Georgia’s 2020 election leading to the now famous mug shot, which will come back to haunt the Democrats.

Unfortunately, another red state is experiencing a similar abuse of lawfare to take out another America First champion.

In the great state of Texas, the Texas House under the intrepid leadership of Dade Phelan, decided that its top priority in the final days of the 88th legislative session would be to impeach beloved Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Apparently, the House had been conducting a secret investigative committee looking into facts surrounding Atty. Gen. Paxton’s relationship with Austin real estate developer Nate Paul for several months prior to the public announcement that they would convene a four-hour impeachment hearing on May 27.

Even though Texas voters gave the House an 85 to 64 Republican majority, the Texas House voted 121 to 23 to impeach the most effective attorney general in the country with 60 Republicans voting with the Democrats.

There are several facts that make this sham of due process especially egregious.

To begin with, this looks like an establishment hit from the uniparty all the way.

In a manner similar to how Matthew Colangelo conveniently left a high ranking DOJ position just in time to join Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, to help with Donald Trump’s indictment, Erin Epley conveniently left her position with the DOJ in March of 2023 and that same month ended up running the House investigative committee alongside another former U.S. attorney, Mark Donnelly.

In addition, similar to the lawfare being used by the left on Donald Trump, this is equally an act of voter suppression.

Texas Government Code 665 is known as the prior-term doctrine and states that an elected official cannot be impeached for publicly known incidents prior to an election.

Throughout Ken Paxton’s 2022 election campaign, tens of millions of dollars were spent on attack ads smearing Paxton maliciously.

It’s fair to say that all of the allegations being levied on Atty. Gen. Paxton were very public and in spite of that he crushed Bush in the runoff and received 4.3 million votes in the general election, cruising to a comfortable double digit win.

The only charge that was not heretofore known was the subsequent settlement of three former employees’ whistleblowers case for $3.3 million and given the amount that has been spent on the investigation and the impeachment proceedings, this hardly seems like a legitimate predicate.

Despite all of the thousands of pages of testimony and supposed evidence everything is hearsay on hearsay. Texas Government Code Sec. 301.022 clearly states all legislative committees shall require witnesses to give testimony under oath subject to the penalty of perjury and that the oath requirement may not be waived by a general investigative committee.

In the interests of full disclosure, this writer has been friends with Ken and Angela Paxton for 20 years.

This writer has personal knowledge that the press is engaged in inaccurate reporting of Ken’s alleged nefarious activities.

Yet, without relying on any firsthand knowledge, it is apparent that the process has been a complete and utter kangaroo court, one trying to strip Texas voters of their voices — similar to what is being done to American votera and former President Trump.

If there was any smoking gun of evidence, it would have been blasted across the media.

Sadly, this is another sham attack on an America First champion who is only guilty of trying to actually represent the will of the people against the interests of the oligarchy.

John O’Shea is a Texas businessman, and candidate for the 12th Congressional District in Texas. 

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