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The Ascension of America First – Townhall

The nation is at a turning point and the entire country knows it. One path leads back to a restoration of our founding principles and a return to a Constitutional Republic where the country is owned by “We the People.” The other leads to utter Marxist authoritarianism under the auspices of progressive, globalist virtue signaling.

For too long, establishment Washington, along with their army of unelected bureaucrats, have run this country for the benefit of the elite donor class while lining their own pockets.  The Federal Government has grown to leviathan levels with 2.1 million employees and unchecked spending that has led to a national debt of over $32 trillion, almost 130% of last year’s $25 trillion gross domestic production for the entire country.  This is unsustainable by any metric, but especially when one considers the rising interest rates thanks to Biden’s inflationary policies and continued irresponsible deficit spending.  The interest service alone on this debt is soon going to surpass the country’s annual spending on defense and clearly factored into the credit rating agency Fitch just recently downgrading the United States’ long-term rating.

This crisis is maddeningly manufactured as one of Biden’s first initiatives was to announce war on U.S. energy companies in an effort to de-carbonize the country. The prime indicator of a populace’s standard of living is access to abundant and cheap energy.  There are nearly 3 billion people in the world today living on less energy than what it takes to run an average U.S. refrigerator.  As you can imagine, these are the poorest of the poor.  And while the country had previously been energy self-sufficient and prospering economically, the Biden regime has unilaterally decided to switch the U.S. economy from carbon-based energy, which it has been blessed with, to unreliable, intermittent and far more costly wind and solar.  Never mind that the infrastructure and technology does not exist to achieve this transformation nor that this makes the U.S. entirely dependent on China for the wind turbines, solar panels, and lithium batteries.  The resulting spike in energy costs led to massive inflation as energy touches all aspects of our life from agriculture and manufacturing to heating and cooling your homes and this in turn led to the rise in interest rates.

The fact that the global elite would have you believe that climate change is the most existential threat we face today just goes to show how out of touch with reality they really are.  Most people worry about being able to afford their mortgage payment or rent, the invasion of illegal aliens at our borders, and the associated fentanyl deaths and rape and torture of women and children, the spike in crime in progressive run cities, or the threat of a new world war.  

But in reality, the left is not really worried about the things they claim. No, what truly concerns them is power, control, and money, which is why they sell out American interests to China, jet off to the World Economic Forum in Davos in their private jets, and even support the defunding of police while living in their own gated communities with their private security. And this is why their true existential threat is not climate change, racism, or anti-vaxxers – it is Donald John Trump.

You see, their plan did not entail a true patriot outsider who was actually concerned with the average citizen and American exceptionalism actually becoming President. No, it needed a handoff from Barack Obama to one of their own in order to continue managing the decline of the country while profiting all the way down. This is the reason why they began trying to nullify his presidency from the very first moment he descended down the escalator.  It is the reason why they spied on his campaign, spun the whole false Russia collusion investigation, launched two failed impeachments, and now repeatedly indict him in unconstitutional, unprecedented ways.

Thankfully, the global elite failed to consider two inconvenient truths. First, the American people are smart and are becoming awake to the false narratives they are being plied with despite the protestations from corporate media and the censorship efforts of the federal government.  And second, President Trump truly cares about this country and is stronger than any attack they can levy at him. These two things are why Donald J. Trump has essentially secured the Republican primary despite all the lawfare, and a crowded primary field.

The 2024 election truly is the most important in our lifetimes. It is going to determine if we return to that bright shining city on the hill as a beacon of freedom and liberty for the whole world to see or if the left will achieve the end of America as we know it. We need a revival before it is too late.