John O’Shea


“It is an honor to support John O’Shea for Texas’s 12th. John is a friend who I have found to be a dedicated husband and father who will put family, faith, and country first.”

Ken Paxton

Attorney General

“I’m a Texan, and it makes me proud to see people like John O’Shea step into the 2024 congressional race. The republican party has been highjacked by career politicians who are no more ‘America first’ that their democratic peers. O’Shea brings something fresh to the conversation and believes in the core values that have made America the land of the free for nearly 250 years. With candidates like him on the ballot, maybe we can keep it for another 250 years.”

Chuck Woolery

Hollywood Conservative, TV and Podcast Host, Navy Vet, Political Activist

“I’ve traveled all across the state of Texas and John is one of the hardest
working and thoughtful Texans I’ve ever met. He’ll bring Texas values to DC,
not the other way around.”

Terry Schilling

President, American Principles Project

“It is a pleasure to officially endorse John O’Shea in Texas’ 12th Congressional District for the 2024 election. America needs candidates to stand up for America, its values, and our Constitution. John is a successful businessman in Fort Worth who believes in putting America First. He is a proven problem leader and problem solver, which we need in Washington. I am pleased to support this great American Patriot in the upcoming election.”

Paul E. Vallely ​

MG, US Army Ret

“In a playing field crowded with career politicians, it is refreshing to see someone like John O’Shea rise to the calling. O’Shea has proven his mite as a successful businessman and is now taking his place as a man of the people. He speaks with American values. He believes in America first. He defends the American dream. And he acts in the best interest of his country – not his own self-interest. To me, O’Shea is exactly the type of person our founding fathers intended to be in a politics: a man of the people who respects term limits.”

Dr. Mark Young

Advertising Executive, Podcast Host, PhD 

“I had an opportunity to travel to Texas to meet with Congressional candidate John O’Shea and I’m so impressed with his conservative platform and his leadership on important issues, such as, pro-life, tax and spend, and border security. I spent several days working with John and I can share with you that he surrounds himself with the brightest and the best of policy advisers. John is exactly who we need in Washington DC. As an Arizona State Representative, I’m proud to support and endorse John O’Shea for Texas’ 12th Congressional District.”

Quang Nguyen

AZ State Representative, Legislative District 1 Chairman, House Judiciary Committee

Be Part of the Change

If you suspect our country is purposely being led in the wrong direction or are 100% certain of it, either way, you’re right. But don’t be discouraged. The time to take action is now. Our best chance to turn things around and restore our Republic to what it once was, and preserve our way of life, is to elect leaders who are strict constitutionalists that put America First.

John O’Shea is one of those leaders. God. Family. Country. These are his guiding principles. If you feel the same, volunteer to join John and become part of the change this nation needs so badly. Our country depends on it!